The New Industry Standard for Sewer Line Cleaning & Maintenance

There are dozens of reasons as to why sewer lines become clogged and stopped up. Conventional methods, such as rodding or snaking can punch holes through sewer pipe blockages to get drains flowing again, but rodding doesn’t scour your pipes or completely clear the blockage and debris that clogged your sewer in the first place.

That said, Drain Buster Plumbing can’t guarantee that your drain line is completely clean and free flowing after conventional rodding work has been completed. The good news for today’s consumers is that advances in plumbing technology has revolutionized the sewer cleaning and maintenance process and given us a powerful new Industry Standard called Hydro-Jetting.

Hydro-Jetting is a motorized sewer and drain cleaning technology that blasts a jet stream of hot highly pressurized water, around 7000 pounds per square inch, to scour sewer pipe walls clean of grease, debris, roots, sand and dirt etc…and then flushes the debris out of your sewer line and down the drain. Hydro-jetting is the only sewer cleaning process that actually cleans your sewer line and it’s become the Industry Standard for sewer line cleaning and maintenance.

This is in complete contrast to conventional sewer cleaning methods such as rodding a cable or running a snake in a line. Rodding cable or snaking lines can typically punch a hole in the debris or blockage to allow your sewer to flow again, but it doesn’t remove the entire blockage or flush out the debris. Remaining debris accumulates and is often the catalyst of your next sewer line blockage.

The Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

Complete Cleaning – Hydro-Jetting is the ultimate technique for cleaning sewer drains. A high pressure water stream that cleans out all debris completely, leaving the pipe clear for sewer and water to flow without obstruction. Conventional rodding and snake-type drain cleaners punch holes in blockages, but leaves the debris behind which causes future clogs and blockages.

Total Residue Removal – Hydro-Jetting removes all substance residue from the walls of the pipes. The high power jet of water blasts the residue out, either at the same time as the debris or shortly after it has cleared the initial blockage.

Flexibility – Cleaning sewer lines can be a risky business as many homes have aging infrastructure and sewer pipes can be damaged or highly corroded. Hydro-Jetting uses a pulse flow, which allows the hose more maneuverability inside the pipes and enables plumbers to target the site of the sewer blockage and by-pass areas that may be vulnerable to damage.

Gets Rid of Bacteria – Bacteria settles in your sewer lines and can cause a wide variety of problems. endless array of problems from spreading disease to causing foul odors. Hydro-Jetting removes all bacteria and leaves your sewer and drain pipes clean and fresh.

Saves You Money – One of the biggest reasons to use Hydro-Jetting is the financial benefit. Hydro-Jetting cleans out sewer lines so completely that it’s usually unnecessary to schedule the recommended twice-a-year maintenance cleaning. Drain Busters plumbing sewer line cleaning pros can use video camera pipe inspection technology after Hydro-Jetting your sewer line to ensure it completely clean and unencumbered. This type of detailed cleaning usually secures your sewer pipes against blockages and clogs for several years and saves you money in the long term.

Little Risk of Damage – A drain snake’s turning wire can crack pipes, while chemical cleaners can soften PVC pipes. Hydro-Jetting uses a highly pressurized hot water spray carefully calibrated to break up debris without harming pipes and they use pure water only, so there’s no risk of pipe damage.

Assured Safety – Strong drain cleaners use caustic chemicals like sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid, but Hydro-Jetting uses nothing but hot water.

Sewer system clogs and blockages can turn your household and your lives upside down in no time! They’re messy, disruptive, foul smelling and happen at the most inconvenient times. The next time it happens to you just pick-up the phone and call Drain Buster Rooter & Plumbers at 1-866-335-3967

New plumbing technology, state-of-the-art equipment and being well prepared allows Drain Busters experienced sewer cleaning and maintenance experts to accurately diagnose your sewer line problems, pinpoint their exact location and recommend the most viable, cost effective and efficient sewer line cleaning and maintenance solutions to meet your specific needs.


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