We offer our clients in Los Angeles a money saving option that goes along with cleaning sewer pipes. We have a camera that we can run through your pipes to find out exactly what the problem is, or how serious it is. Our high res fiber optic can identify buildup of debris, damage, roots pushing on pipes, or even the odd stuffed animal. It does not matter what size your pipes are, our camera will get in there and get the info you need. Contact us for this great time and money saving option.


Here are Some Benefits of Sewer Pipe Line Video Camera Inspection

  • Find out the nature of the sewer problem (examples: roots, broken pipe, collapsed joint, etc)

  • Find out the severity of the pipeline problem (a new developing problem, or its critical condition)

  • Find out the location of the problem (front yard, side of the house, near the sidewalk, etc.)

  • Find out the depth of the problem (how deep is it, 2 feet or 8 feet or more?)

  • Sewer Pipe Sizes from 3 to 4 to 6 inches


Cleaning Sewer Pipes

Cleaning Sewer Pipes is a service that we are happy to provide our clients to keep their homes healthy. Our local plumbing services are ideal for the home or business owner that suspects or has noticed problems in the pipes. Cleaning sewer pipes is a service that we can provide either before or after the sewage backs up into your bathroom, or even worse, your living room. We are equipped with great drain cleaning tools to help you clear any sewer blockage you might have. The cost of cleaning pipes is tiny compared to the cost of cleaning and restoring your living space. The health impact of a backed up sewer pipe can be severe. Call us the minute you notice odd sounds or the smell of sewage at 1-866-335-3967.

Sewer Repair

Sewer pipes are the major part of the plumbing system in residential or commercial properties in Los Angeles areas. Drain pipes exiting the building portion is called Sewer Line or Sewer Pipeline. Many residential properties have minimum 3 inch up to 4 inch pipeline up to the property line or inner edge of the sidewalk, which is sometimes called upper lateral sewer.For the most part, after the property lines, the pipeline becomes 6 inch size after reaching the sidewalk area. Homeowners usually understand that the problems involved to sewer pipes inside the property line are the proprietor’s responsibility to fix, but when it comes to fixing the 6 inch pipeline sewer repair, which is called lower lateral sewer line, some homeowners disagree that they hold the responsibility of hiring a sewer contractor for the sewer repair Los Angeles. Lower lateral which goes from the sidewalk area to the middle of the street, and this is where many building or home owners have questions like:

  • This pipe is under the street, will the city do my sewer repair?

  • Isn’t this the cities responsibility to repair my sewer lateral?

When it comes to sewer maintenance, we stand out. Our highly-trained and professional plumbers and technicians have the skills and high-resolution equipment needed for sewer maintenance, clean the sewer line, perform a video inspection, repair the line, and provide tailored biodegradable solutions to prevent damages and keep your drains clean. Our dedicated teams work hard to earn your business!

Get the Job Done Right

Drain Buster Rooter and Plumbing offers drainage and sewer maintenance service in and around the greater Los Angeles area.  Our professional and knowledgeable plumbers use the newest technology to do regular maintenance before they become serious problems. Whether it is a crack or a small clog, regular sewer line maintenance will prevent future damage or blockage, and give you peace of mind.



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Tree roots grow in all directions in search of water source and your sewer line is the provider.  The roots grow into your sewer line and block as well as cause leaks and any one of these issues will cause the sewer line to fail.


Over a period of years, excessive food, grease and paper products that are not flushable can all get backed up in your line and create an obstruction that will cause backups and failures.


Time is also a factor in getting your sewer line to fail.  The conditions around and inside the line over time become a component in causing cracks and breaks.


The easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent significant damage or clogging is to perform periodic maintenance on your sewer line.  If you notice water leaking from the cracks, excess water in your basement, or slow drainage.

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